The belly fat is really stubborn and we have a serious lack of motivation to work it, but we dream about a perfect body and tight abs. For some of us, it’s just a dream, but for others, who have a great motivation, it is a dream come true. We should all know how to tone our abs so we could have a summer body, so start doing some awesome and efficient planks.

Before we start, be aware of the fact that the whole effective package for a losing fat is diet, workout and cardio exercises.

The planks

The planks represent the isometric exercises, which purposes are to strengthen your midsection, burn some calories, reduce low back pain, improve balance, posture and flexibility. So beside the fact that you work your abs, you also make improvements for other benefits.

Abs, planks, abs

Planking will help you build a deep inner core muscles, so as your abdominal muscles become stronger, your core will tighten. When you try a plank for the first time, you will start by staying 20 or 30 seconds, then gradually increase the time at one minute, then one and a half minute and so on and so forth. Do this for a month, every day, so from the first day to day 30 you should increase your time to 2 minutes once.

How to do a simple plank?

You should first try the simple one which is the most common. You should get in the position for push-ups, but instead of your palms use your forearms. Keep your back straight and hold this position as long as possible. Use a timer to count the time. You should do 10 sets first when you stay 20-30 seconds and then gradually reduce the sets and increase the time.

More intense is better

When you feel ready, you can move to the next level. So, make your training harder and more intense. On your left side, put your elbow under the shoulder with your legs stacked, place the right hand on the hip and hold this position for 30-40 seconds first and then increase to 20 minutes gradually.

Plank challenge

Sounds like an interesting challenge for your belly fat. After that month when you kind of train to do planks better, you can start the 20 days plank challenge. Use the two types of planks mentioned above, daily, 4 sets each, for one minute and your core will tighten and strengthen in time. Not just your abs will look better, but your back posture and your flexibility will visibly improve.

Challenge yourself to get better

If you want to get better, you will have to permanently train and improve. Try something more challenging, such as a combination of planks, crunches and jump rope. Try the one minute plank, 20 crunches and one minute jump rope and then rest one minute and repeat it for another 3 times. This will strengthen your entire body and will make you sweat and burn calories.

You don’t need to do hundreds of useless abs daily to get rid of your fat belly, because you will fail. You have to understand that the efficiency of a workout is more important that dozens of unnecessary exercises. Make researches and add other exercises to your plank challenge and you will cleverly and efficiently workout your entire body.