Working on weight loss program which can give you faster result?

Let me help you here and save time- give up the fad diets as most of them will make you unsatisfied and hungry. You have much healthier options by making small changes to your eating habits that you can live with forever.

Most of the weight loss program starts with eliminating food item from the diet. While it makes sense, but at times it makes you feel disheartened and deprived, so it may help you lose weight initially but can just come back easily. Rather changing what you eat, these tips focus around how you eat.

Take Baby Steps

  • Start your day with breakfast.
  • Sleep for 8 hours as fatigue can lead you overeating.
  • Eat your meals while seated and without any distractions.
  • Try different cooking methods- baking, grilling, roasting or poaching.
  • Drink less sugary drinks and more water.
  • Only eat when you are hungry and avoid eating when you are comfortably full.

Evaluate your eating habits – nibbling while cooking, finishing left over kids food? These can add up to big calories. Take a look around and see those behaviors that you can change to avoid those unnecessary calorie intake.

Cut down on starches and sugar

These food stimulate secretion of insulin – a fat storage hormone in the human body. When insulin goes below level, fat comes out of the storage and the body starts burning fat. Cut down the carbs- simply lowering insulin will lead to fat loss. Lowering insulin also helps kidney shed water and excess sodium from our body which reduces water weight.

Lose weight with eating protein, fat and low-card vegetables

Each of your meal should have a protein source, low carb vegetables including fat source. Importance of eating in your meal cannot be overstated. It can reduce obsessive thoughts and remove late night snacking desire as you feel so full by simply adding protein to the diet.

Low carb vegetables- Stuff your plate with cabbage, lettuce, cucumber, broccoli, spinach celery etc. There is no need for grains in the diet if your diet is rich with meat and vegetable rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Figure out the frequency of the meal that best suits your appetite. You can have 2 to 3 meals per day. Add 4th meal if you still feel hungry. 

Coconut oil is the best cooking fat to use for home cooking. It is rich in Medium Chain Triglycerides – a fat type that can boost metabolism and more fulfilling.

Bottom Line: Each meal should have appropriate mix of protein source, fat source and low carb vegetables which helps drastically reduce the insulin level.

Don’t eat after dinner

This is where lot of us pack on the extra pounds. If you are too hungry, satisfy your urge with a non caloric beverage. A small tip- brushing your teeth after dinner reduces eating temptation.

Be Realistic

That’s very important!!. Don’t expect too much from your self soon. It can take a month or more to take your new action to a habit. I am sure you have heard- slow and steady wins the race with a little vigilance