Hair loss can be embarrassing for anyone, I mean, who wants to go bald at 35? Hair loss doesn’t just affect men either. In some cases, women find themselves facing this problem as well.

What causes hair loss anyways?

Many things can be factors in causing hair loss, from genetics to chemotherapy treatment. A lot of different medications have the side-effect of hair loss. People with hair loss usually suffer from a chemical imbalance and due to the fact that most hair is only replenished every few weeks to 2 to 4 months, which means that they are losing more strands than what is being replaced.

What Treatments Are Out There Today?

There are many pharmaceutical treatments on the market today for hair-loss. Unfortunately, most of them are very expensive or have dreadful side-effects. Natural remedies are becoming more and more popular and it’s no stretch to imagine why.

Coconut Oil

Natural remedies are a lot easier to make but also more helpful. If you want luscious locks, it’s a good idea to hit the home remedy sites. A lot of natural remedies are healthier than chemical treatments. An example is coconut oil, coconut oil has many amazing hair benefits such as thickening hair by stimulating hair from the root, promoting growth as well as conditioning and leaving your hair silky and shiny. The fatty acids help condition your hair and relieve dry, itchy scalp.

Onion Juice

Onion juice increases blood circulation to stimulate the scalp and providing nutrients to the hair follicle. Chopping onions finely and using the juice on the hair helps hair to grow and battles hair-loss due to the high content of sulfur. It not only helps to regrow hair but also helps strengthens it. Say goodbye to frizzy, brittle hair with this natural remedy. 

Garlic Oil

Garlic oil also has a high sulfur content, much like onions, and is used for many different beauty benefits including regrowing healthy hair. It is great to massage into the hair before using shampoo after letting it sit 20 minutes. You should repeat at least 2 to 3 times a week for max benefits. Garlic has been shown in research studies, such as a study done in 2007, to regrow hair. However, it does take about 3 months of consistent use two to three times a day to notice any real difference so don’t give up if you feel like it isn’t working.

Rosemary Oil

Another research trial found that six months after testing men with male-pattern baldness they found the men’s hair to be thicker. It is a great alternative compared to Rogaine and is just if not more so, effective and safe. A great way to incorporate rosemary into your routine is adding the oil to your shampoo or conditioner.

In Conclusion

I do believe that the treatments for hair loss I have mentioned are feasible home remedies that have been proven by research studies to be effective and safe. You can find these and other natural remedies to try online through search or word of mouth.